judith perry art

10 x 10

Mighty Tieton Warehouse
Tieton, WA
August 5 through October 8

Judith Perry is an award winning artist and a signature member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society and president of the Women Painters of Washington.

She has studied at the finest Art Schools and continues learning from professional artist’s workshops. Her style is typically bold and has been influenced by James Whistler with his high contrasts in value, Lucien Freud and his search for the character in figure work and Mitch Albala for his treatment of the landscape.

She prefers painting in a series of the same subject matter so there can be an in depth presentation. It is a method of pulling the viewer in for a deeper understanding.

After living many places from the east coast to Hawaii she is now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The lushness of the natural geography is now a focus and involves a study by seasons—from the weed of winter to the reflections of the waters of Puget Sound in the summer.

She is now giving workshops as well as private lessons.

The artist reserves copyrights to all images.